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It’s the traffic cop that routes traffic between destinations. It’s the interpreter that is able to speak many languages. It’s the middleware that “glues” systems together.

i-Con is an Enterprise Service Bus. It uses Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to provide agility and flexibility to enable communication between software components..  Read More

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System Technology Conversion


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Pro Solutions have developed an environment which takes Universe source code and produces managed .Net source and object code, and converts and populates a choice of SQL Server, DB2 or Oracle databases..  Read More

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Pro Solutions have created a toolset to convert SB+ and System Builder applications to .Net source and object code...  Read More

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Evolved from the base construct of the proven NetBasic compiler, NetNatural is a fully functional compiler used to convert Natural source code to produce managed .Net source and object code as well as converting to, and populating, a choice of SQL Server, DB2 or Oracle databases from Adabas.  Read More

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